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Returnable and Expendable Dunnage

Whether your package requires Open or Closed Cell Foam, Cross-linked PE Foam or HDPE, Huntington Solutions is equipped to provide all the materials you’ll ever need.

Expendable Packaging

Typically expendable packaging for products is used one-time only. Depending on the mode of transportation, destination point and products characteristics you can choose which materials is the best for your custom packaging solution.

Returnable Packaging

If a reoccurring flow has been identified, then definitely the best option is to have returnable packaging for products that will last during long trips and cycles. The amount of investment needed for returnable packaging depends upon the material chosen for your custom packaging.

Our dunnage can be designed for any part classification, from steel frame C-rank to Class A “no-touch” surfaces.

Returnable and Expendable Dunnage

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